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What Is Couch Health?

Who is it for?

Couch Health is an application designed to assist  therapists to connect with individuals seeking personal counseling and develop compatible, mutually beneficial relationships.

Anyone looking to locate a qualified, reviewed, vetted therapist is a great fit on Couch Health. This simple alternative to traditional referrals offers a whole new approach to how therapy fits your life.

How does Couch Health work?
Once you create an account, you will be able to search for therapist who service your area. You select the therapist who’s right for you, book the appointment and they come to you.
How much does therapy cost?
Each registered therapist sets their own rates. You can see their rates on their profile page or you can narrow down the therapist by how much they charge.
How do I choose a therapist?
Do your research! Each therapist will provide some background information on themselves as well as how they like to address their patient’s needs.
Do you accept insurance?
Currently, we are not working with any insurance providers. However, we will provide you with a bill that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement. (The amount reimbursed will vary depending on your particular coverage).
Where should we meet?
The therapist you choose from Couch Health will meet you at your home.

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